Behold All the Deeds He Hath Done

Ye fearing Yehovah, draw near; I shall say
The deeds He hath done for my soul
Afflictions and flames had surrounded my way
Strong waters above me didst roll

He proved me, and I was as silver refined
Removed He my dross and my doubt
And though ‘midst the water and flame I was tried
In mercy my King brought me out

I clung unto hope and believed in His Word
His praises were found on my tongue
He answered my prayers; my pleadings He heard
Behold all the deeds He hath done!

“Stand still, and behold the salvation of God”
I heard, and no more was I scared
A path through the ocean whereon we should trod
Hath He for His people prepared

Thus now, in abundance, I joyfully sing
And I shall complete every vow
With joy I shall go to the House of my King
To humbly and gratefully bow

The nations shalt praise Thee, Thy foes shalt obey
The earth shalt sing praises to Thee
Oh, blessed be Yehovah, Who turned not away
My plea, nor His mercy from me!

Based on Psalm 66

Faith Williams
I am a nineteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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