Who is He

Who is He who spread the heavens?
Who is He who formed the sun?
Who started time, established seasons?
By His word the stars were hung

Who is He Who holds all breath?
Whene’er He blows, the mountains shake
Who lives forever, rules o’er death?
His works are great, with no mistake

Who is He who knows each thought?
Who sees within the heart of man?
What miracles His hand has wrought!
Search out His wonders, if you can

Who is He, forever righteous?
Who could stop the King of all?
He rules with justice and forgiveness
‘Fore His throne all nations fall

Who is He Who holds the wind
Within a garment, holds the sea
Gives recompense to those who sinned?
He binds in chains, and He sets free

Who is He Whose ways are higher?
He Who is a rock and shield
His right hand crushed that age-old liar
‘Fore His might all nations yield

Who is He Who parts the waters
Leads His people through the sea?
Who takes the lost as sons and daughters?
Who is wise eternally?

Who is He? The great Creator
He has formed us; we are clay
He made great cities useless mortar
Raised a nation in one day

Who is He, behind the veil?
Could darkness ever match His light?
Contend with Him–would you prevail?
In judgment would you be found right?

Who is He who holds all life?
He keeps alive, and He can kill
He gives us peace, and He makes strife
Who dares to disobey His will?

Who is He? And who is like Him?
He alone shall always rule
Oh, do you dare to stand against Him
Tell Him “You are wrong” O fool?

Who is He Who dwells on high?
Who knows all things from start to end?
Would He bend down to hear my cry?
Would He be pleased to call me friend?

Who is He Who has descended
Deigned to live upon the earth?
And Who is He Who has ascended
Gives His people light and worth?

Who is He? Our mighty Savior
Look at all He did and made!
His cherished ones He shall deliver
His great strength shall never fade

Who is He? Proclaim His fame!
Adore Him, mortals here below
Tell–Who is He? What is His Name?
What is His Son’s Name?–if you know!

Scripture References:
Genesis 1:14
Exodus 15:18
Deuteronomy 32:39
Job 11:7, 13:9
Psalm 33:13-15, 84: 9+10, 92:4+5
Proverbs 30:4
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Heart of Flesh

Create in me a heart of flesh
And mold my heart like clay
A heart that heeds, and seeks Your will
To serve You every day

Create in me a heart of flesh
A heart that can feel pains
Please melt the stoniness within
The coldness that remains

Create in me a heart of flesh
A heart that understands
A heart is whole, a heart is free
When fashioned by Your hands

Create in me a heart of flesh
That seeks no gold or fame
May all my heart’s desires be
From You, and for Your Name

Create in me a heart of flesh
And make it like Your own
That all my love and strength shall be
For You, and You alone

Bid Me Not to Leave This Flame

This poem is inspired by the story of Shadrak, Meshak, and Abed-Nego in Daniel 3

Bid me not to leave this flame
This flame that burns, but ne’er consumes
Please let me stay within this smoke
Where You, not I, see through the fumes

Bid me not to leave this flame
For in this flame, You set me free
Though enter I with rope or chain
The ropes are burned; chains fall from me

Bid me not to leave this flame
This flame known as adversity
Amidst such flames, all dross falls off
You cleanse my heart in purity

Bid me not to leave this flame
For in this flame, I walk with You
Amidst the trials, toil, and pain
We hold communion dear and true

Bid me not to leave this flame
With You I am content to be
Although my path be set in flames
I love the path You planned for me

Bid me not to leave this flame
For in this flame, I hear Your voice
Amidst such heat, my self succumbs
Surrenders to Your plan, Your choice

Bid me not to leave this flame
In flames, Your glorious face I see
You bore great trials; so shall I
The flames are where I want to be

When I am Near to You

When I am near to You, what light
You shine eternally
Your light reveals where I should go
At night it stays with me

When I am near to You, what awe
I see that I am naught
But simple clay, a vessel small
Which He, the potter, wrought

When I am near to You, what tears
Of healing and release
What gladness to surrender all
And to be filled with peace

When I am near to You, what peace
You wipe away all tears
I feel Your eyes, intent on me
You cast away all fears

When I am near to You, what rest
I dwell beneath Your wing
Your shelter over me is love
Within Your tent I sing

When I am near to You, what truth
You show me, and I see
I see my failures, see Your grace
See all You did for me

When I am near to You, what love
Incomparable and whole
It wraps around me like a cloak
Brings comfort to my soul

When I am near to You, what strength
At once all doubts dissolve
I know my King will fight for me
And strengthen my resolve

When I am near to You, what faith
I know You never fail
Your faithfulness seems tangible
It always will prevail

When I am near to You, what help
You give amidst distress
You bring me through the trying times
To cleanse me, and to bless

When I am near to You, what might
We have the victory
No weapon formed against me stands
For You abide in me

When I am near to You, what grace
You hold me in Your hand
Your grace is more than all the things
I cannot understand

When I am near to You, what hope
What confidence is mine
Whatever comes, the good and bad
Shall be for Your design

When I am near to You, what joy
At once, I do not care
Where I must go throughout my life
As long as You are there

When I am near to You, what words
Of wisdom I receive
Your words of love, Your promises
I stand on, and believe

When I am near to You, what trust
I suddenly am bold
Since birth Your hands have carried me
And still, till I am old

When I am near to You, what glee
My heart at once is free
Your presence is my hiding place
And where I long to be

When I am near to You, what life
What friendship dear and true
And I shall serve here at Your feet
Forever near to You

In the Day that He Broke off my Chains

I was once without a Savior
Without hope, and without life
All my nights were full of fearing
And my days with pain and strife

Then I prayed, and I cried
And in love, He answered me
I was chained, I was tied
But in grace, He set me free

I was purchased by my Savior
And His servant I became
In the day that He broke off my chains


I was chained by fleshly feelings
Sin just wouldn’t let me free
And I knew I couldn’t free myself
But who would rescue me?

Then He came, rescued me
Now I’m free to dance and sing
Now my heart’s filled with glee
I am cherished by my King

So I’m running to my Savior
And I’ve never been the same
Since the day that He broke off my chains


When my life was full of sorrow
And the skies were full of rain
I forgot about His mercy
And complained about my pain

Then He came to explain
And at last, I understood
Blessings come through the rain
He is only ever good

I was suddenly so joyful
Started dancing in the rain
In the day that He broke off my chains


Still it isn’t always easy
Pilgrim trails are often rough
But along this trail He’s shown me
That His grace will be enough

I’ll recall and I’ll tell
Of the times He heard my plea
When I tripped, when I fell
In His grace He lifted me

Then my mouth was filled with laughter
And my tongue with songs of praise
In the day that He broke off my chains

Blessed be Yehovah

Blessed be Yehovah my Rock Who trains my hands for war
Clouds He rides and sends great winds and lightning from His store

He will guard His servants, and He rightly rules their cause
He will crush the wicked–save oppressed ones from their claws

Blessed be He Who shields my head amidst the greatest strife
With His miracles He saves me; He preserves my life

He Who shakes the mountains is my fortress and defense
With my King I face a troop and leap the highest fence

Blessed be He Who fights for us and gives the victory
In His strength all chains are snapped–from sin He set us free

Death could never conquer Him; He lives, and so shall we
His is glory, might, and rule through all eternity

Blessed are all Who trust in Him; they shall not suffer shame
Those who run to hide in Him find refuge in His Name

Zealously He guards His sheep, and camps around His flock
He shall make their feet like deer–they climb the highest rock

Blessed are those who wait for Him; He fills them with His might
In His strength the lame will walk, the weak will bravely fight

He will lift us up; on wings of eagles we shall fly
Knowing He is on our side, all fear will quickly die

Blessed are those whose strength is You, Your paths are in their heart
Though they cross the desert, though they face the foe’s swift dart

Always Yah will give them strength, and when the battles cease
Blessed be Yehovah our God Who gives His people peace

Relevant Scriptures:
2 Samuel 22
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I Feel a Wondrous Day Beginning

I feel a wondrous day beginning
Even though it’s yet unseen
I feel a wondrous light approaching
Even through the night’s dark screen

I see Yehovah’s hand fulfilling
All the prophets said would be
I feel His joy within me growing
Thinking of eternity

I feel a peace past understanding
Even when my life goes wrong
I feel His presence gently guiding
Through the darkness to the dawn

I feel anticipation filling
All my heart with songs to sing
Behold, great deeds of Yah are coming
Greater than I’ve ever seen

I feel a flame within me burning
Hope’s bright flame that never dies
I hear my Master–He is nearing
Unto Him I lift my eyes

I hear a prophet’s voice proclaiming
“Make ye straight Yehovah’s way”
I hear a watchman’s trumpet blowing
Calling back the ones who stray

I hear a great commission calling
Stirring us to spread good news
I hear Him say, “Behold, I’m coming”
Are you His? It’s time to choose

I hear Yehovah’s voice declaring
“Call to me, great things I’ll show”
So I call out; Yah keeps revealing
Wonders–more than I could know

Jeremiah 33:3, Revelation 22:12

A Bird

My soul’s like a bird that was stuck in a snare
But lo! My dear God has released me from there

He strengthened me–gently He taught me to fly
And through His kind care, now I sail through the sky

I’m free now, and won’t be a captive again
For He has redeemed me from what life has been

And just like a bird, I have music to sing
With harmony joyous, I worship my King

I can’t help but sing with my Savior so near
The people of earth all my praises shall hear

My God’s my provider; He gives me my needs
The sparrow He sees and the ravens He feeds

Although my small nest must be made on this earth
The heaven’s my home, and the world’s of no worth

The wind of His Spirit shall guide where I go
It leads me to places that I didn’t know

He’s calling me higher–toward heaven above
I keep flying toward Him, sustained by His love

One day I’ll fly higher, and heaven I’ll see
I’ll fly to my Savior, eternally free


In pride, I thought that I was wise and I was strong enough to face
The fights of life–whatever comes–and overcome with poise and grace

I thought I’d learned the necessary lessons to succeed
I thought that in a battle, I’d have all the strength I’d need

Such dreams of valor faded as I went through life
For in reality, I always failed ‘midst strife

I realized that my heart was weak and frail
I realized that my strength would always fail

But then my life grew harder still
And weaker grew my strength, my will

Like smoke, strength disappeared
When faced by things I feared

My might had fled
My heart felt dead

I sighed
And cried

A plea
To Thee

You answered me
And let me see

That though I’m weak, You’re strong
I learned that all along

Your might had been sustaining me
My righteousness and strength is Thee

I never will prevail without Your might
In You alone, I’m strong enough to fight

You give me life and breath and health for each new day
It’s all from You, and You could take it all away

In grace, You choose to love me–give me strength to do Your will
And when my heart is failing, Your great strength will lift me still

I shall not trust in my own might–Your strength is ceaselessly supplied
Content am I to know I’m weak, for when I’m weak, You’re glorified


All creation’s groaning
All is yearning for the day
When Yah will come and conquer
When all sin is cast away

This fallen earth is longing
For the day when all’s made right
When righteousness and justice
Will break forth as morning light

My heart is also yearning
For the things that soon shall be
When Yah reveals His glory
In the year of Jubilee

All creation’s calling
All of heaven’s host proclaim
The greatness of our Savior
And they praise His mighty Name

Lo! The day is coming
Fierce and burning as a flame
When He returns, and shakes the earth
And nothing stays the same

Who could stand before Him?
I will fall on bended knee
Before the King of Glory
In the year of Jubilee

See the towns of Judah
How in solitude they wait
To see the King of Glory
Marching through the Eastern Gate

When my King’s returning
I know I will go there too
We’ll run to Zion’s mountain
And He’ll teach us what is true

Finally I’ll live there
In the land He’s promised me
At last I’ll have my portion
In the year of Jubilee

See the wars and fighting
All this means He’s coming back
And in His peaceful kingdom
No more nations will attack

In that day, the poor ones
All those humble and oppressed
Shall be raised up and rescued
For the King shall give them rest

In my home, near Zion
I will live, so full of glee
All men will live in freedom
In the year of Jubilee

Israel’s old cities
All are longing for the day
When they’ll be full of people
And their streets with children’s play

See the Land awaiting
When the captives will return
The day when all will know Him
And His Torah all shall learn

His great fame and glory
Shall spread forth like boundless sea
And all shall see salvation
In the year of Jubilee

Though the world is reeling
And the wicked seem to rise
With confidence, we’re waiting
Till He comes upon the skies

In the harshest trials
We will trust that they won’t last
One day, we’ll stand victorious
When the rule of sin is past

Though the world can’t see it
We believe what we don’t see
Our King will reign victorious
In the year of Jubilee

With the hosts of angels
We Your people plead and cry
“How long till You’ll show mercy?
Oh, how long till death will die?”

When will goodness triumph?
Please take heed how we’re oppressed
Have mercy, Lord, on Zion
And arise, Yah, to your rest

Come, our Lord Yeshua!
How we yearn and hope for Thee
Come take Your throne in Zion
In the year of Jubilee