An Exciting Update

It is my great delight to announce that I am officially a published author! This has been a dream of mine for so long, and it is such a thrill to see it actually happen.

My poem, “At the End” was published in a poetry anthology! I am one of over five hundred people who are included in this anthology, “Reflections on the Important Things.” This book was produced by, which is an online community of thousands of poets. I have been a part of PoetrySoup for over a year now.

Here is the link to my poem: At the End

Here is the link to the anthology: Reflections on the Important Things

All praise be to Yehovah, Who gives me inspiration and brought me to this moment. What a delight it is to remember the day that I was coming home from Tennessee, and He quickly sent this poem, “At the End,” into my head. He is good, and His steadfast love endures forever. (Psalm 136:1)

There Is a Never-Ceasing Fountain

There is a never-ceasing fountain
Found beneath the Master’s throne
And from beneath the holy mountain
Living water streams have flown

Oh, hear His call: “Come all ye weary
Eat and drink without a price”
Whatever ailment, pain or worry
His great mercy shall suffice

His streams of grace shall never falter
Those who trust in Him shall be
Like fertile trees by endless water
Fearing not when drought shall be

All sinners, come and choose salvation
Wash yourselves in His clean stream
Experience His restoration
He does more than we could dream

How precious is Your loving-kindness
From Your stream are we supplied
And from Your house’s pleasant goodness
Are Your people satisfied

There is a never-ceasing fountain
Found beneath the throne of grace
Beside His stream, upon His mountain
I have found my resting place

Inspired by Psalm 36:7&8 and Isaiah 55:1&2

My Loved One and His Vineyard

My Loved One had a vineyard grand
Upon the choicest fertile hill
He made a wall and cleared its stones
He never failed to tend or till

He planted it with choicest vines
Within it was the finest shoot
He made a tower for defense
And vats, expecting much good fruit

Then when the harvest day arrived
He came to find a great, good yield
But all the grapes were spoilt and bad
And He despised his lovely field

Jerusalem and Judah, judge
Between my Loved One and His field
What more could He have done for it?
The vines he guarded, loved, and healed

Beware, O vineyard, He shall come
He certainly shall be enraged
And he shall break all evil vines
Destroying that which He arranged

See, Judah is His pleasant plant
And Israel His vineyard is
Behold, they yielded evil fruit
Despising every Word of His

O vineyard, change, and bear good fruit
Before His righteous rage shall burn
Before He breaks your safety fence
He warns you, calls you to return

O Israel and Judah, see
He planted you with care and love
Repent, and bear good fruit, then He
Shall rain down blessings from above

O vineyard, He still longs for you
His work in you is far from done
Take heed, for you can bear no fruit
Without abiding in the Son

Inspired by Isaiah 5

Your God Reigns

How lovely on the mountains are
The feet of him who brings good news
Who says to Zion, “Your God reigns!”
Great joy and peace shall He diffuse

O You who bring good tidings, rise!
To Zion say, “Your King is near!”
Arise, proclaim to Judah’s towns
“Behold your God!” and have no fear

Prepare the way of Yehovah
Make straight a highway for our Lord
His strong right hand shall rule for Him
Before Him is His just reward

And like a shepherd He will feed
His sheep, and gather every one
He carries them within His arms
And gently leads the ones with young

O Zion, shout and sing for joy
For He returns to save His fold
Then David’s booth shall be restored
Repaired, as in the days of old

For He redeems Jerusalem
And Zion’s wastes He shall restore
There multitudes shall shout and sing
And mourning cease forevermore

Awake, O Zion, rise in strength
For you shall not be put to shame
Your God shall be Your constant light
For praise, and beauty, and a name

Your King shall take delight in you
His precious treasure you shall be
For He shall seek you, not forsake
Your sons returning you shall see

Behold! Salvation comes to you
Rejoice, for you shall be restored
Then all the farthest lands shall see
The great salvation of our Lord

Scripture references:
Isaiah 40:3+9-11
Isaiah 51:3
Isaiah 52:1+7-9
Isaiah 60:4+19
Isaiah 62:4+11-12
Amos 9:11

Fill Our Hands

In Hebrew, “to ordain” literally means “to fill hands”

Lord, please fill our hands today
And make us holy unto You
Please take all sin and guilt away
That we might raise clean hands to You

Fill our hands that we might be
Your ministers who spread Your Word
Till all the earth Your reign shall see
Till all have known and all have heard

Fill our hands, that we might spread
The glad, good news of liberty
That You have risen from the dead
To save our souls and set us free

Fill our hands that we might fight
And train our fingers for the war
To stop the wrong, defend the right
Fulfilling what You made us for

Fill our hands with strength, that we
Might heed whate’er You say to do
Equip our hearts that we might be
Your witnesses of what is true

Fill our hands, that we might guard
The covenant we made with You
For Your commands are not too hard
The things we promised, we shall do

Fill our hands that we might be
A temple made of living stone
That in us might Your presence be
Within our hearts, Lord, take Your throne

Fill our hands with Your strong hand
That leads us toward Your mission’s call
That guides us homeward, to Your land
Please consecrate us, Lord of all!

Everything to Me

In vain I searched amongst this earth
For lovely pleasures, lasting peace
The worldly pleasures had no worth
And worldly peace would quickly cease

All treasures of the earth were vain
The world confused me—what was true?
What hope or goodness would remain
Throughout the ages?—only You

You taught me and I understood
That all my life, I sought for You
For You alone are truly good
The source of treasures dear and true

All temporal treasures have a mar
All temporal beauties have a stain
They fade and flicker like a star
And every life is mixed with pain

But You give joys that never end
The ceaseless hope not from the earth
You give me grace, and call me friend
In Your great love, my heart finds worth

For what on earth compares to You?
The humble heart You satisfy
When toward Your throne I set my eyes
In love, You hear each desperate cry

Though all things temporal fall apart
My hope is that You hear and see
Forever You will hold my heart
For You are everything to me

Praise unto You

Based on Psalm 65

In Zion is stillness, and praise unto You
And we shall fulfill what we promised to do
All flesh shall ascend to appear at Your throne
Our prayers You hear; for our sins You atone

Oh, blessed is the one whom You choose and You call
That He might approach You, O Master of all
That he in the courts of Your house might abide
By Zion’s pure goodness are we satisfied

Yes, Yahweh shall answer with awesome, just deeds
For He is the trust of the earth and the seas
He came wrapped in power, the mountains to form
When oceans are raging, He stills the strong storm

When waves proudly crash, He shall silence their voice
He makes both the evening and morning rejoice
He stills the great tumult of peoples by fear
The nations are frightened Your wonders to hear

You visit the earth and enrich it with rain
And You shall provide and prepare all their grain
Your river is full, and its ridge overflows
You soften with showers, and bless that which grows

The years with Your goodness and plenty You crown
Upon desert fields Your abundance drops down
The hills shall rejoice; You clothe pastures with sheep
They all sing and shout with the valleys so deep

Because His Mercies Never End

Because His mercies never end
The sons of Jacob ne’er shall cease
His chosen ones He shall defend
He shields us with His strength and peace

His tender mercies never fail
Thus never shall consumed we be
For in His might we shall prevail
Despite the enemies we see

Because His love steadfastly stands
We shout and sing amidst a war
Our needs and plights He understands
And He sustains us evermore

Because His grace is deep and great
We have no need to fear or flee
How good it is to trust and wait
For Him to bring the victory

His mercies are made new each morn
His faithfulness has never failed
Thus be encouraged, not forlorn
Throughout the ages, He prevailed

Your mercy is our hiding place
Our help and trust is You alone
Our confidence is in Your grace
Our tears are bottled ‘fore Your throne

Our portion and our hope is You
And through Your wonders, we remain
Your promises are always true
Eternal is Your righteous reign

Inspired by Lamentations 3:21-26 and Malachi 3:6


Blessed are those who overcome
Who bravely stand ‘midst strife
For they shall see God’s paradise
And reach the tree of life

They shall not be harmed by death
Because They overcame
The hidden manna they shall eat
And gain their own new name

Blessed are those who overcome
They have the Morning Star
Their Lord shall let them rule with Him
O’er nations near and far

Those who undefiled are
Those walking worthily
Who clean their garments in the blood
In robes of white shall be

Blessed are those who overcome
Amidst the great distress
Their name will not be blotted out
Their name He shall confess

Hold fast that which He gave to You
And do not lose your crown
That You might see Jerusalem
Renewed, and coming down

Blessed are those who overcome
A pillar they shall be
Within the Temple of our God
For all eternity

Hark! He knocks, and blessed are those
Who open up the door
Those overcoming shall remain
Beside Him evermore

Blessed are those who overcome
Believing in His Word
Their Lord shall write on them His Name
Which men have never heard

Those enduring to the end
Are saved from every wrong
Their awesome weapon is their praise
Their battle cry a song

Blessed are those who overcome
Believing in the Lamb
Those faithfully enduring all
To serve the Great I AM

In His blood they overcome
With testimonies strong
Those loving not their lives to death
Shall sing amongst the throng

Blessed is He who overcame
Yeshua, King of Kings
He conquered sin and death, though He
Was tempted in all things

Yours is all the might and fame
In You we overcome
You shall return, to rule this earth
O Lord Yeshua, come!

Based on many verses throughout Revelation, especially chapters 2 and 3

Be Still and Know That He is God

My righteous King still rules today
Yehovah holds eternal sway

The things “impossible” come true
What miracles I saw Him do!

Yes, He who shakes the earth and sea
Our refuge and our strength shall be

Come see the works His hands have wrought!
To save His precious ones He fought

Though mountains tumble to the sea
Forever with us He shall be

Among the nations He is great
And He shall make my pathways straight

Through Him upon the waves I trod
Be still and know that He is God

Inspired by Psalm 46