Fire and Water

Through fire and water my path had been set
Full of sins and distress that I couldn’t forget

In flame I was burnt and in water I flailed
From the midst of the pain to Yehovah I wailed

Through fire and water my Savior has passed
To seek out this lost lamb and He found me at last

He healed every wound; every sin He forgave
He has silenced my fears; He is mighty to save

In fire and water He purified me
All my filth, all my dross, now is gone–I am free!

I lose each mistake, selfish goal, sinful aim
In the stream of His grace and His love’s mighty flame

In fire and water His promise shall stand
“Do not fear, I will help you; I’m holding your hand”

I’m safe in the flames; floods can not push me down
For Yehovah, my shield, is my refuge, my crown

In fire and water He baptizes me
For I’m changed now–new life He has given to me

His life-giving stream rushes over my soul
With His Spirit, His flame, my weak heart is made whole

In fire and water I suffered much pain
But He took what was bad and He turned it to gain

For now that I’m clean I can know that I’ll be
With the righteous one day on a glass-fire sea

Numbers 31:22+23
Psalm 66:12
Isaiah 43:2
Malachi 3:2
Revelation 15:2

Faith Williams
I am a nineteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!

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