Because He came to take my sins
I’ll cast my sins aside
Because He is my closest friend
In Him I shall confide

Because He showed me how to live
I’ll live the way He showed
Because He says to shine His light
I’ll glow the way He glowed

Because He shines eternal light
I’ll trust Him when it’s dim
Because He rules the wind and waves
In storms, I’ll trust in Him

Because He chose me in His grace
I’ll choose to seek His way
Because He is my Guardian
Beneath His wings I’ll stay

Because He lifts me out of pits
I’ll run into His arms
Because He is my strength and shield
I shall not fear alarms

Because He is my righteous King
I’m quick to do His Word
Because He paid to rescue me
I’ll gladly serve my Lord

Because He came to set me free
I’ll live in liberty
Because he gave me everything
I’ll give Him all of me

Because He came and loved me first
I’ll give Him all my love
Because He has descended, I
Can rise to Him above

Because He is my Savior, I
Shall trust Him ‘midst great strife
Because He gave His life for me
I’ll give to Him my life

Faith Williams
I am a nineteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!


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