Fire and Water

Through fire and water my path had been set
Full of sins and distress that I couldn’t forget

In flame I was burnt and in water I flailed
From the midst of the pain to Yehovah I wailed

Through fire and water my Savior has passed
To seek out this lost lamb and He found me at last

He healed every wound; every sin He forgave
He has silenced my fears; He is mighty to save

In fire and water He purified me
All my filth, all my dross, now is gone–I am free!

I lose each mistake, selfish goal, sinful aim
In the stream of His grace and His love’s mighty flame

In fire and water His promise shall stand
“Do not fear, I will help you; I’m holding your hand”

I’m safe in the flames; floods can not push me down
For Yehovah, my shield, is my refuge, my crown

In fire and water He baptizes me
For I’m changed now–new life He has given to me

His life-giving stream rushes over my soul
With His Spirit, His flame, my weak heart is made whole

In fire and water I suffered much pain
But He took what was bad and He turned it to gain

For now that I’m clean I can know that I’ll be
With the righteous one day on a glass-fire sea

Numbers 31:22+23
Psalm 66:12
Isaiah 43:2
Malachi 3:2
Revelation 15:2


Because He came to take my sins
I’ll cast my sins aside
Because He is my closest friend
In Him shall I confide

Because He showed me how to live
I’ll live the way He showed
Because He says to shine His light
I’ll glow the way He glowed

Because He shines eternal light
I’ll trust Him when it’s dim
Because He rules the wind and waves
In storms, I’ll trust in Him

Because He chose me in His grace
I’ll choose to seek His way
Because He is my Guardian
Beneath His wings I’ll stay

Because He lifts me out of pits
I’ll run into His arms
Because He is my strength and shield
I shall not fear alarms

Because He is my righteous King
I’m quick to do His Word
Because He paid to rescue me
I’ll gladly serve my Lord

Because He came to set me free
I’ll live in liberty
Because he gave me everything
I’ll give Him all of me

Because He came and loved me first
I’ll give Him all my love
Because He has descended, I
Can rise to Him above

Because He is my Savior, I
Shall trust Him ‘midst great strife
Because He gave His life for me
I’ll give to Him my life

A Palace for the King

Inspired by Psalm 132 and Psalm 125

My heart is like Jerusalem
A palace for my King
A place for righteousness to dwell
A place where praises ring

Until You found Your place in me
I rested not my eyes
You came that night and conquered me
So take the victor’s prize

Now come and take my everything
My life, my heart, my best
Your love has made a place–Arise
Yehovah, to Your rest

You chose to make Your home in me
You washed me–made me clean
You clothed me in Your righteousness
I cannot help but sing

With all the saints I shout for joy
That I have been set free
You set Messiah’s lamp in me
It shines for all to see

And as Mount Zion firmly stands
My heart shall not be swayed
For He will make me strong; in me
His palace has been made

As hills surround Jerusalem
His love surrounds my heart
For Yehovah will keep me safe
From foe, or sword, or dart

The King of all has chosen me!
In me His Spirit dwells!
And any time I think of this
My heart with gladness swells

I Will Live

One might try to find meaning in life on his own
But we need our Redeemer; we can’t live alone
He gives comfort and healing, and silences strife
He gives clarity, meaning, and purpose to life

I will live

For Yeshua has raised me from chains and from death
He has given me everything: heartbeat and breath
And a mission He’s given and sent me to go
He has called me by name–could I answer Him “no”?

I will live

No, I’ll never give up and I’ll never let go
Though the going is tough and the progress is slow
And in days of distress I refuse to despair
I will cry to my El; He will answer me there

I will live

For my El didn’t lift me to let me fall down
And I haven’t been saved to let go of my crown
And I wasn’t redeemed to do nothing at all
I will cherish His word–never flee from His call

I will live

“Oh, but doomsday is coming quite soon!” one might say
“We must go; we must hide–there is no other way
That our lives shall be saved from this upcoming war.”
So he hides–doesn’t live–so then what’s his life for?

I will live

Life is not about safety–don’t hide in a shell
Life is meant to be lived; life has stories to tell
Life’s a gift from Yehovah–don’t waste it, my friend
Let’s live life to the fullest, from start until end

I will live

I will live for the One Who has called me His own
I will live by His side; I shall not live alone
I’ll give ear to His voice, for in Him, yes, I can
Do His purpose and will and complete all His plan

I will live

I will live in His power, His love, and His grace
I will hope for the day when I’ll stand face to face
With Yeshua, and Him I shall thank and adore
I will live in the presence of Yah evermore

I will live


“Let my soul live, and it shall praise You, and Your judgements shall help me.”
-Psalm 119:175

“I will not die, for I will live and declare the works of Yah.”
-Psalm 118:17

“‘…Because I live, You shall live also.'”
-John 14:19

In Nature

When in spring the flowers bloom
The blossoms help me see
That Yah can cause His love and truth
To blossom deep in me

When I see the blades of grass
Each different, yet the same
I see that, though unique, we all
Are made to praise His Name

When I see some old, gray sticks
Aflame in smoky haze
I ask, “Please burn my mortal self
with passion for Your ways!”

When I see the mighty trees
That once were nuts, I see
That He can take my tiny self
And use me mightily

When I see the animals
Whom Yah creates and feeds
I know that if He cares for them
He cares for all my needs

When I see the dawning sun
I think about His light
That always shines and never leaves
In any dreadful night

When I see the stars above
I know He named them all
And, yes, He also knows my name
And hears me when I call

When I see the glowing moon
I know that it is true
That He Who guides the moon through space
Will guide me onward too

When I see the sky above
I know that I shall be
With Him Who made the whole wide world
For all eternity

Speak to My Heart

“Speak to My Heart” is one of my very favorite songs. Today I wanted to share it with you. Because it is in Hebrew, my sister and I wrote an English translation that can be sung to the tune, so English speakers can enjoy the song too.

Here is the link to the song: Speak to My Heart. It is written by Irit Iffert and preformed by Rebekah Wagner. It was presented at the “Praises of Israel” concert in Jerusalem, December, 2019.

A more accurate translation of the Hebrew, a transliteration of the Hebrew words, and the Hebrew words themselves, can be seen at the bottom of the above video. And below is our English translation. I hope that this song will bless you as much as it has blessed me!

Speak To My Heart

Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
Amid this great storm I’m found
Waves of doubt tower o’er me
Oh, hold me or else I’ll drown

Sweet words that will give me hope
Sweet words that can calm this sea
Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
And plant in my heart Your peace

Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
I’m resting beneath Your wing
You’re my eternal fortress
In You my soul will sing

Kind words of Your endless mercy
Kind words that make crying cease
Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
Your presence will be my peace

Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
Declaring Your word of truth
And may those words grow within me
Oh, mold me to be like You

Dear words of Your might and power
Dear words that will give me strength
Oh, speak to my heart Yeshua
Your word is my rock of faith

Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
A whisper both small and still
Oh, search now my heart and help me
To follow and do Your will

Rejoicing in how You love me
Surrendering fears and joys
Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
And teach me Your gentle voice

Rejoicing in how You love me
Surrendering fears and joys
Oh, speak to my heart, Yeshua
And teach me Your gentle voice

The Song of the Seed

I see, O Yah, that I’m a seed
You’ve given me whate’er I need

To grow, to live, to serve my King
A hope unending, songs to sing

Encased within my mortal shell
Are works to do, and words to tell

I feel like bursting, yet I know
That first You’ll plant me, then I’ll grow

And so, I’m resting in Your hand
Until You plant me in the land

And then I’ll burst, send forth my shoot
In You I’ll grow a solid root

You’ll water me, You’ll fill me up
Your grace will overflow my cup

And from the ground You’ll nourish me
And soon I’ll grow to be a tree

And toward the heavens I will shoot
I’ll send forth branches, bear much fruit

But now I’m still just waiting here
But Yah, You know, I should not fear

You’ll plant me when the time is right
Within the dirt, away from light

And I will push and I will grow
The way to light I’ll somehow know

You’ve told me, so I know that I
To grow and be a tree, must die

And still I want to be a tree
For that is what you want for me

So take me, when the spring comes ’round
I’ll give my life within the ground

I’ll use what’s stored inside of me
My wisdom, strength, and energy

And when I do, I know I’ll be
A shoot, a sapling, then a tree

When all is done, I know it’s true
I’ll bear delicious fruit for You

So cast me to the dirt, I’ll die
To bear much fruit, to touch the sky


Yeshua answered them, saying, “The hour has come that the Son of Man should be glorified. Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much fruit. He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” -John 12:23-25

A Vision

When someone lacks a vision
To guide him on his way
He often is directed
By what the masses say

He’s scared of what is coming
Of trials, schemes, or strife
He lacks in zest and vigor
Lacks meaning in his life

But when a man has vision
Though prospects may look bleak
He knows what he should work for
He knows what he should seek

His eyes can see the future
Beyond the clouds of doubt
He knows why life is worth it
He knows what life’s about

His vision can’t be ended
By what the others do
Though some may taunt or fight him
He knows he knows what’s true

His vision never tires
Though night or storm arise
He toils on, unwilling
To rest his eager eyes

When marching through a desert
He sees a fruitful land
He toils, and the wasteland
Turns fruitful ‘neath his hand

A vision’s endless power
Makes fields and cities rise
Makes people reach the summit
Makes people reach the skies

It urges those who have it
To run through heat and rain
To trek both mount and canyon
And leads them out to gain

A person with a vision
Is bound to make a change
He leaves a lasting imprint
Upon his world, his age


“By lack of vision, people are let loose
And blessed is he who guards the law,”
–Proverbs 29:18

A Prayer

If others become very wicked
Then help me be righteous for You
If others are full of deception
Then help me to speak what is true

If others turn desperate and hopeless
Then help me to tell of Your love
If others may judge me, please make me
As innocent, Yah, as a dove

Please help me, if cruel ones use cunning
As wise as a serpent to be
If others are shackled in bondage
May I, in Your strength, set them free!

If others are drowning in chaos
Please let me send forth, Yah, Your peace
If others are fearful and storm-tossed
May somehow I help worries cease

If others are lost with no shepherd
With You, may I show them the way
If someone sees only the darkness
Then help me to show them the day

If others are scared of the battle
Please help me to stand and be brave
If others are bound for destruction
Through me may you seek them and save!

If others start crushing the needy
Those innocent, poor, and distressed
Then help me to strengthen the fallen
May somehow I help them be blessed

If others keep hating, please help me
No matter what comes, to forgive
If others want purpose and meaning
Please help me declare why I live

If others love sinning and cruelty
Then help me with courage to fight
And if there must be such deep darkness
Then help me, I pray, be Your light!



Do you think I’m at rest
That I’m safely at home?
But a stranger I am
For I sojourn, I roam

I am wandering here
In a land not my own
And I don’t want to stay here
I want to go home

Oh, I’m homesick, so homesick
I sometimes feel lost
This big world is so foreign
The storms leave me tossed

But I think of my homeland
That’s given to me
When I reach that sweet place
Oh, what beauties I’ll see!

So I dream of the fields
Of the sky perfect blue
Though I’ve only seen pictures
I know it is true

I will go there one day
And I’ll traipse ‘cross those hills
I will see every thing
That with joy my heart fills

I will pass through the cities
Sing songs in the streets
I will cherish each noise
That my ear gladly greets

Oh, the sounds of my language
The tongue that I love!
If I hear it be spoken
My heart soars above

Oh, I’m homesick, so homesick
Until I’ll behold
That magnificent land
Of the fathers of old

In that homeland Yeshua
Shall come and shall reign
In that day my full heart
All it’s joy shan’t contain!

And I know it seems strange
That my home I’ve not seen
But the home’s where the heart is
My heart’s with my King

Oh, I’m homesick, so homesick
But now I can’t go
For the ocean is wide
And the transport says no

So I wait, very eager
Until, by His hand
My Yehovah will lift me
And give me that land

I will dwell in that land
With my heart full of glee
I’ll rejoice in Yehovah
Who gave it to me

Oh, I’m homesick, so homesick
But, no, it won’t last
I will be there one day
When these storm clouds are past

For Yehovah has promised
His words I recall
I will trust what He said
And my hope will not fall

I will cling to the promise
I’ll sing and I’ll tell
Of the day that I’ll be there–
My home, Israel!

The Sea of Galilee

And Yehovah appeared unto Abram, and said, “Unto your seed will I give this land”… -Genesis 12:7

“Therefore say, ‘Thus says my Master Yehovah, “I will gather you from the peoples, and assemble you out of the countries where you have been scattered, and I will give you the land of Israel.”‘”
-Ezekiel 11:17