When Nighttime Falls

When nighttime falls, and skies dark gray
Replace the sunset’s lustrous spray
I’ll seek a place where I can hide
In You, my El, shall I confide

When nighttime falls, I know the best
Of rocks, where I can find my rest
Our Rock of Ages, full of grace
Will tuck me into His embrace

When nighttime falls, and weak am I
In Your strong arms I’ll gladly lie
I know Your rest will make me whole
Your hope will satisfy my soul

When nighttime falls, I’ll wait to hear
Your soothing voice, forever near
You speak to me, and give me peace
And make my doubts and worries cease

When nighttime falls, and all I see
Is night and fog surrounding me
I’ll lean on Him–His love and grace
His shelter is my resting place

When nighttime falls, I’ll sing a song
Of joy and hope, of morning’s dawn
Night’s plague or arrow shan’t I fear
I know that He’s forever near

When nighttime falls, then I shall sing
The faithfulness of Yah my King
He’s never failed; He never will
In hours dark, He cheers me still

When nighttime falls, I know that He
Shall never take His eyes off me
When I’m asleep, He’s still awake
And watching every breath I take

When nighttime falls, I know He’ll be
As faithful as the dawn for me
Though sorrow lasts throughout the night
Great joy will come at morning light

When nighttime falls, You are my light
Your brightness breaks the darkest night
When I lie down, I pray my eyes
Shall see Your face when I arise

Then Yeshua spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”
-John 8:12

Give Me Strength to Climb This Mountain

Inspired by my trip to the Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona

Give me strength to climb this mountain
Rising high in front of me
Give me joy in tribulation
As I travel toward Thee

Help me hope in all conditions
In the sun and in the rain
Help me trust for all provisions
Trust in You is never vain

Give me strength to cross this desert
Vast, as far as I can see
Give me might for every effort
As I seek to march to Thee

Help me walk where You have chosen
Show me where my feet should tread
Help me move when I am frozen
With Your might, I run ahead

Give me faith as I am climbing
Always looking toward the top
Give me grace when I am sliding
You will cause my doubts to stop

Help me see when night is falling
When the darkness hides the way
Help me rise when dawn is calling
Help me face another day

Give me love when I am weary
In Your love, my heart runs free
Give me light when days are dreary
Help it shine for all to see

Help me fight with all conviction
In the battle I must wage
Help me know with true prediction
Words of wisdom, like a sage

Give me drink when I am fainting
My oasis You shall be
Give me peace when I am waiting
Till the journey’s end I see

Help me face the greatest trials
Every canyon, every fray
Help me stop the serpent’s guiles
All the darts that come my way

Give me truth that slays all lying
You are rock beneath my feet
Give me life when I am dying
Guide me till at last we meet

“I lift my eyes unto the mountains. From where does my help come from? My help comes from Yehovah, Maker of heaven and earth.”
-Psalm 121:1

My Stability

Though waves may break
Though mountains quake
I have a peace the wrong can’t know
In desert sands
In foreign lands
I have a joy where’er I go

In great alarm
In sudden harm
I shan’t be moved; He’ll strengthen me
When peoples melt
In dark that’s felt
My endless light He’ll ever be

When nations rage
When nations change
My King will never change at all
With every breath
In life or death
He’ll lift me up; He’ll hear my call

When days are dark
He’ll be my ark
He’ll save me from the raging sea
Like Noah, He
Will rescue me
Like then, right now He sets us free

He reads the heart
No end, nor start
Nor bounds of time or space has He
Since ancient days
His righteous ways
Have always been; they’ll always be

I know that He
Won’t turn on me
His Book won’t fade–not any page
His judgements stand
In any land
In any culture, any age

The past He knows
I know he goes
Before me, past what I can see
He stands by me
He’ll always be
My constant, my stability

Capture my Heart

I know You desire to have my heart
I want You to have it too
But I do not know about how to start
My giving my heart to You

For love is confusing, and thoughts are weak
I hardly know anything
Of what must be done to the heart I seek
To give unto you, my King

So capture my heart, Yah, steal all my love
For nothing compares to You
Please fill me with passion for things above
In all that I say or do

How wondrous it is that my heart You see
You see all the faults and sin
Yet still in my heart, Yah, You wish to be
I wish You would enter in

But how do I make You a throne in me?
So perfectly pure Thou art
You cannot abide where’er sin might be
You only can cleanse my heart

So capture my heart, overwhelm my soul
Come cleanse me, till all is Thine
Since me You forgave, and You made me whole
My heart should no more be mine

You gave me my life, breath, and everything
All things that are good and true
You gave me all these for Your work, my King–
For me to give back to You

Most precious, You gave up Your life to save
The souls of humanity
You rose and You conquered all sin–the grave
Now come conquer all of me

So capture my heart, draw my soul away
Your love is what sets me free
You gave up Your best when You died that day
Now come take the best of me

Yes, capture my heart, bind my soul to Thee
I truly want nothing more
Your covenant oath, Yah, confirm with me
Thus binding me evermore

He Gives Me a Song

He gives me a song
I’ve known all along
That He is the author of music
I’m learning life’s song
What’s pleasant, what’s wrong
And making the music melodic

I practice, I sing
Make praise to my King
I learn to keep key and keep counting
And quickly I’ve found
That major keys sound
More happy and sweet to the hearing

Yes, majors are nice
And majors suffice
But music could surely be finer
With depth in the song
I learned before long
That depth comes by adding a minor

The majors are glad
The minors are sad
When mixed, they put music to motion
With minors down low
And high notes you show
A spectrum of sound and emotion


I think of this life
With triumphs and strife
So seamlessly melded together
Yah uses the good
In sorrow He would
Desire that I become stronger

I could pray for ease
For that which I please
Or ask that the storm doesn’t thunder
But I’d rather choose
To never refuse
The will of my Heavenly Father

He knows that I see
His blessings to me
More clearly when grief clears my vision
The sorrow, the pain
The peace and the gain
When mixed, put my heart into motion

He gives me a song
I’ve known all along
That He makes my music much finer
The joy mixed with strife
Adds depth to my life
He mixes the major and minor

Forever Hold My Hand

My life is Yours, my righteous King
Take all of me today
For there is not a single thing
That I would keep away

To You my heart surrenders, El
Your love has made me whole
Your grace is like a ceaseless well
That satisfies my soul

In wartime, I will fight for You
And do what You command
But in the fight, I ask You to
Forever hold my hand

Your people are my people , I
Will go where’er You go
For death can’t break our union. Why?
Because You love me so

Yes, I shall choose to follow You
For You have chosen me
I choose to trek the deserts too
If You shall call for me

What lies ahead, I never know
But as we walk the land
I ask of You, where’er we go
Forever hold my hand

I know that it is often harsh
As through this swamp we tread
I only see the sticky marsh
But You can see ahead

And when in life I have a way
To reach a peaceful land
But You declare that You will stay
In lands of desert sand

Then I would choose with You to stay
In lands of desert sand
Your presence guides me, day by day
Forever hold my hand

Your love is like a fountain and
A constant, healing flow
When walking through the arid land
Your blessings You will show

You shelter me amidst the rain
You guard me in the night
Your voice is comfort in the pain
Your presence is my light

So lead me to the wilderness
To any barren land
Whatever comes, I ask You this:
Forever hold my hand

Look Up

Yehovah, You will hear my voice in the morning. In the morning I will present myself before You, and I will look up.” -Psalm 5:3

You look at what is all around
At sights and lights and fights and sound
That threaten to distract your soul
From things that truly make you whole

Look up, don’t think this fallen earth
Will give you gifts of life, of worth
Good gifts shall come from Yah above
Who showers us with endless love

The vain delights this earth can give
Don’t give you any strength to live
The treasures of this earth don’t stay
With wings of birds, they fly away

Look up, for hope’s not found in dust
In silver, gold, or things that rust
But look at Yehovah, you’ll see
Unending hope that sets you free

Don’t think that you’ll find joy or rest
In earthly things. The very best
Of earthy joys can barely start
To fill the holes within your heart

Look up, and know that He who made
The sky gives joys that never fade
With him we walk in strength and peace
In great travails, when comforts cease

Don’t let your heart be troubled when
You see this world of pain and sin
Don’t set your heart on what you hear
On troubles, strife, or things you fear

Look up, and trust your heart with Him
Who made the bud upon the limb
Who gives the mighty trees their leaves
Who’s always near and never leaves

When life is very harsh and dark
You try to find a little spark
Of light, of hope, to light your way
You long to see the light of day

Look up and see the stars, the moon
And understand that very soon
Our King will come, and slay the night
More faithful than the sun, He’s light

When all looks twisted, sick, and wrong
Remember! Sing a little song
To Him who gave His life for you
Who’s always loving, just and true

Look up, and see, our Savior lives!
What power, grace, and peace He gives!
Oh, hope and trust and never fear
Look up, for your redemption’s near

And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near.” -Luke 21:28

The Priceless Price

I stumbled in
My guilt and sin
So quickly did I stray
What price could pay for what I’d done
And bring me to Yah’s way?

For all I’d done
Just only One
Could save me from my sin
Just One could pay the priceless price
For me to enter in

My El came down
Gave up His crown
And lived ‘midst pain and strife
My Savior died; He paid for me
The priceless price–His life

And since He lives
My Savior gives
Me power over death
He gives me love and hope and peace
He gives me life and breath

I can not say
Each little way
He’s showered me with love
I wonder why, for who am I
That I should dwell above?

Just one gift He
Wants back from me–
One price. In joy and strife
I’ll pay the price of being His–
The priceless price–my life

Fish and Loaves

My talents and my strengths are like
Some fish, and loaves of bread
And when I see this whole wide world
That’s desperate to be fed

I wonder what my food can do
To satisfy such need
My fish and loaves of bread are few
How many can they feed?

But when I open up my hands
Yeshua comes and takes
The meager loaves and fish I have
He blesses and He breaks

I wonder what He’ll do with them
And then, when He is done
He calls and tells me to disperse
The food to everyone

I do as He commanded me
I give the food, and then
With shock I look around and see
It fed five thousand men

And thus Yeshua multiplies
My strengths and talents, and
I share His boundless blessings with
The needy of the land


“And Yeshua took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fish as much as they would.”
-John 6:11

As a Child

Me, one month before I accepted Messiah

Earlier this week was the Festival of Tabernacles. Every year, I love to recall and celebrate the day during the Feast of Tabernacles in October 2012 when I accepted Yeshua as my King.


He took me as a child
At the tender age of eight
And on that day
I found the Way
To enter Heaven’s gate

He took me as a child
When I wondered, when I cried
He loved me
And He chose me
Even though I sinned and lied

He took me as a child
When I hardly had a thing
Of usefulness
Or preciousness
That’s worthy for a King

He took me as a child
When I stumbled, when I fell
He chose to love
And strengthen me
So that His praise I’d tell

He took me as a child
When I thought, “My selfish way
Just doesn’t bring
Me anything
I want; it doesn’t pay.”

He took me as a child
When so small I was, and weak
His eyes could see
Some worth in me
He chose my soul to seek

He took me as child
Like an orphan I had been
My guilt was strong
I’d been so wrong
But still He let me in

He took me as a child
In His grace, adopted me
Although naive
I did believe
That He could set me free

He took me as a child
When He helped my faith to win
And on that day
I chose the Way
That conquers death and sin

He took me as a child
In the days I joked and played
Amidst the fun
Of being young
A covenant we made

He took me as a child
Oh, how little did I know
Of what I’d see
When I was free
Or where my life would go

He took me as a child
When I hardly knew a thing
Of life’s travails
Of hope’s avails
Of what my choice would bring

He took me as a child
With His love He took my heart
And on that day–
What peace! What joy!–
Was life’s amazing start

He took me as a child
That was many years ago
Life’s journey brings
Me many things
That ‘fore I didn’t know

He took me as a child
And I never shall forget
The day that He
Delivered me
The day He loved me yet

He took me as a child
Though I’m now more strong and wise
I still recall
When I was small
Yet valued in His eyes

He took me as a child
Let me never think I’m more
Than tiny me
Whom Yah set free
Than who I was before

He took me as a child
That’s the greatest gift Yah’s shared
All talents, joys
Success, and toys
Lose luster when compared

He took me as a child
Though the years have flown away
I know I must
Retain the trust
I had in that blessed day

He took me as a child
Since that day, I’m not the same
My joy, my choice
Is that my voice
Shall always praise His Name

He took me as a child
That’s where joy and hope begin
Though grown we be
To heaven we
As children enter in

He took me as a child
On that day He rescued me
I praise Him, for
His child I shall be

Me, one month after I accepted Messiah