My Heart’s across the Ocean

Me, in 2012, in the Atlantic Ocean

My heart’s across the ocean in a land of hills and streams
The land God’s eyes are set upon, that holds my hopes and dreams
No other land could I love more, no other’s truly home
I’m longing, thinking of my land, no matter where I roam

My heart’s across the ocean in the land my fathers trod
The land that they possessed, for it was theirs by right from God
A land of heroes, brave and strong, a land of history
And in that land I’ll see what’s happened and what’s yet to be

My heart’s across the ocean where my fathers fought and died
I long to touch that ground on which they lived, on which they cried
The towns they built, the fields they grew–I want to live there too
I’m weary of this nomad life–I have a home; it’s true!

My heart’s across the ocean in a land I haven’t seen
A land of matchless beauty where the ravaged soul can sing
The land of fruitful pastures, where His peaceful waters flow
A land of mysteries so great beyond what we could know

My heart’s across the ocean in the land that’s truly best
If only I had wings! Then I’d fly home and be at rest
And sometimes, as I traipse these foreign lands, tears fog my sight
I’m yearning for my land by day, and dream of it by night

My heart’s across the ocean where my Savior lived His life
Where kingdoms rose, where kingdoms fell–a land of peace and strife
The land in which my Savior died and gave His life to save
The land of hope, where, to this day, there stands an empty grave

My heart’s across the ocean–yes, I love that dust, that sand
My boundary lines have fallen in a pleasant, pretty land
No other land is truly mine, no other can I claim
And when at last I see my land, I’ll never be the same

My heart’s across the ocean in a land of mounts so green
My fruitful, promised portion is the crown-land of the King
And when at last I reach that land–a day of joy so sweet!
One day I’ll cross this ocean, then my heart shall be complete

My sister and I, standing on this side of the Atlantic. One day we’ll be on the other side.


You’re the Savior Who saved me one day long ago
Up Calvary’s hill with that cross did You go
You loved us so much that You paid such a price
No other atonement but Yours would suffice

You’re the Savior Who saved me when I was just eight
You gave me the license to reach heaven’s gate
You gave me forgiveness –new life, hope, and joy
And since then I’m Yours and I’m in Your employ

You’re the Savior Who saved me when no one else could
I cried out for help and I thought no one would
When all that I knew was deep sorrow and pain
You saved me and used all the trials for gain

You’re the Savior Who saved me from fears and from doubt
I quickly was sinking, but You pulled me out
And when I was lowest, and thought, “Does He hear?”
You saved me from doubt with Your presence so near

You’re the Savior Who saves me whenever I call
You answer my prayers–those great and those small
You saved me on Calv’ry, but not only then
You’re the Savior Who saves me again and again

I Cannot Understand

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Yeshua Messiah.”
-Philippians 4:7

I feel the questions close me in
I see the chaos rise
I see the wicked boast in sin
I hear such helpless cries

I see such wicked seeds and roots
Polluting all the land
In desperation, I cry out
“I cannot understand!”

My cry goes up and hits the ear
Of One more strong than me
The hands that hold the whole wide world
Caress and comfort me

And in that precious hour of grace
Whene’er I feel His hand–
What peace and love so perfect that
I cannot understand!

At the End

At the end of the rain there’s a rainbow
At the end of the storm there is sun
At the end of the struggle there’s safety
In the day that my wand’rings are done

There is strength at the end of the sadness
There is grace ‘midst the greatest of grief
At the end of the night there is newness
If I wait, You will send me relief

At the end of the breaking there’s beauty
At the end of the road there is rest
At the end of the hurting there’s healing
There is always an end to the test

There is hope at the end of the hardship
There is love ‘midst the lowest of lows
There is dawn at the end of the darkness
You are with me, wherever life goes

At the end of the pain there is power
At the end of the doubt there is day
At the end of the cross there is conquest
In the day that our sins rolled away

At the end of the fight there is freedom
At the end of the years there’s still You
At the end of these trials there’s triumph
In the day that all things are made new


Based on 2 Samuel 19:28

O Savior at Your feet I kneel
So humbled by Your grace
That You would come my soul to heal
To meet me face to face

Whene’er You meet me in this way
My thoughts and strength soon flee
I see how weak I am; I pray
“O King, You look on me?”

For I and all my house were dead
Before my Lord the King
Yet You have tasted death instead
And rose to end death’s sting

Because of love, an oath You made
With Abram long ago
That oath, that love, shall never fade
That love You’ve made me know

Because of You, I’m still alive
I’m filled from Your supplies
Your hope and peace have made me thrive
You’ve always heard my cries

You give me hope, eternal light
Beneath your wings I sing
So how could I still have the right
To cry unto the King?


Is love emotions flying free?
Those kinds of feelings swiftly flee

Is love a passion deep inside?
That passion’s often grown, then died

Is love a flutter in your heart?
That flutter’s only love’s first start

Is love some kind and helpful deeds?
That’s part of it–love cares for needs

Is love a strong, long-suffering bond?
That love is tough, but not so fond

Is love compassion for a friend?
That could be love, if it won’t end

Is love commitment–faithfulness?
That love is strong in truthfulness

Is love forgiveness–grace so free?
That matchless love’s on Calvary

O King So Great and Infinite

Inspired by Psalm 139

O King so great and infinite
Beyond what I could ever know
You know my every word and thought
My every move, where’er I go

You never slumber, never sleep
On me You always set your eyes
Your hand protects and covers me
When I lie down, when I arise

O King beyond all time and space
Enthroned so high above the earth
From heaven, You look down on us
And give the lowly hope and worth

Your wonders take my breath away
I always love to see and tell
That You Who made the mighty mounts
Have also formed each tiny cell

O King Who does such wondrous works
Who rules the rain and spreads the sea
Who made all beauty, truth, and worth
Within the womb, You fashioned me

You gave me purpose, planned my years
And knitted me with tender care
You breathed in me the breath of life
Before I took a breath of air

O King so wise and powerful
All things are subject unto You
But yet, free-will You gave to me
And let me choose what I shall do

You force me not to take Your love
You force me not my love to give
I freely give You all my love
My heart is Yours; in You I live

O King Who made the galaxies
The stars and worlds that have no end
Oh, I am dust and ashes! Why
Would You look down and call me friend?

Your love, so deep and infinite
You let me know, and taste, and see
You gave Your life so I could live
Such knowledge is too vast for me!

O King beyond all earthly praise
Who numbers all the stars and sands
I read that You can not abide
In dwellings made by human hands

My hope, my everything, You are
No words I write seem fit for Thee
But since Your hands have formed my life
Please come–You can abide in me

He Listens to Me

When troubles and snares spread to cover my path
When people around me spew hatred and wrath
When pain and confusion is all I can see
I cry to my King, and He listens to me

When nighttime has fallen and I cannot see
When heartache and sorrow are covering me
I run to the secret place, cry out my plea
My cry rises up, and He listens to me

When faith seems to fail and I struggle to hope
When joy swiftly flees and I barely can cope
I know He can lift me; I know He can free
I pour out my heart, and He listens to me

When all things go wrong, and I hardly know why
When longing, and grieving, and fear make me cry
I cry unto Him, and my heart becomes free
His love melts all troubles; He listens to me


My bean plants, a few days after planting

Whate’er you do, be sure you know
The seeds you plant will surely grow

Your seeds of love, your seeds of strife
Will swiftly sprout throughout your life

Beware, you sowers of distress
The seeds you plant will soon progress

Though seeds of sin may seem so small
They grow to fruitful trees so tall

That fruit is poison, please take heed
And never sow such bitter seed

Take heart, you sowers of delight
Of what is true and just and right

Though oft you cannot see them grow
Such seeds bear more than e’er you know

Such trees of righteousness supply
Sweet fruits of hope when times are dry

Our King is just; be sure you know
We all will reap the seeds we sow

My bean plant, a few weeks after planting

Why Delay?

Since He is always listening
With tender love and care
Since ceaseless grace He’s offering
In pain, He’s always there

Since He is always powerful
To save, and heal, and free
Since He gives hope so wonderful
And plants His peace in me

Why delay ’til strength is gone
To pray for help and might?
Why delay ’til all is wrong
To pray for joy and light?

Why not seek and trust my King?
I fail when I’m alone
Why do I delay to bring
My plea before His throne?