As a Child

Me, one month before I accepted Messiah

Earlier this week was the Festival of Tabernacles. Every year, I love to recall and celebrate the day during the Feast of Tabernacles in October 2012 when I accepted Yeshua as my King.


He took me as a child
At the tender age of eight
And on that day
I found the Way
To enter Heaven’s gate

He took me as a child
When I wondered, when I cried
He loved me
And He chose me
Even though I sinned and lied

He took me as a child
When I hardly had a thing
Of usefulness
Or preciousness
That’s worthy for a King

He took me as a child
When I stumbled, when I fell
He chose to love
And strengthen me
So that His praise I’d tell

He took me as a child
When I thought, “My selfish way
Just doesn’t bring
Me anything
I want; it doesn’t pay.”

He took me as a child
When so small I was, and weak
His eyes could see
Some worth in me
He chose my soul to seek

He took me as child
Like an orphan I had been
My guilt was strong
I’d been so wrong
But still He let me in

He took me as a child
In His grace, adopted me
Although naive
I did believe
That He could set me free

He took me as a child
When He helped my faith to win
And on that day
I chose the Way
That conquers death and sin

He took me as a child
In the days I joked and played
Amidst the fun
Of being young
A covenant we made

He took me as a child
Oh, how little did I know
Of what I’d see
When I was free
Or where my life would go

He took me as a child
When I hardly knew a thing
Of life’s travails
Of hope’s avails
Of what my choice would bring

He took me as a child
With His love He took my heart
And on that day–
What peace! What joy!–
Was life’s amazing start

He took me as a child
That was many years ago
Life’s journey brings
Me many things
That ‘fore I didn’t know

He took me as a child
And I never shall forget
The day that He
Delivered me
The day He loved me yet

He took me as a child
Though I’m now more strong and wise
I still recall
When I was small
Yet valued in His eyes

He took me as a child
Let me never think I’m more
Than tiny me
Whom Yah set free
Than who I was before

He took me as a child
That’s the greatest gift Yah’s shared
All talents, joys
Success, and toys
Lose luster when compared

He took me as a child
Though the years have flown away
I know I must
Retain the trust
I had in that blessed day

He took me as a child
Since that day, I’m not the same
My joy, my choice
Is that my voice
Shall always praise His Name

He took me as a child
That’s where joy and hope begin
Though grown we be
To heaven we
As children enter in

He took me as a child
On that day He rescued me
I praise Him, for
His child I shall be

Me, one month after I accepted Messiah
Faith Williams
I am a nineteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!


  1. I love the poem! But I have to say, I love the precious photos of you when you were 8 years old, even more! ❤️

    So, back to the poem, maybe I never paid attention before, but this one repeats the first line in every stanza, then with the remaining four lines, lines one and four rhyme and lines two and three rhyme at the end. If you have written other poetry in this same format, I guess I previously have only notice the words and meaning, not the format of the poem. 🤦‍♀️

    I also think reading the content of the poem and visually seeing what you looked like at 8 years old, when you accepted Messiah, was so precious to me.

    1. Thank you so much! Haha, makes sense that you liked the pictures!

      I can’t think of any other poem where I’ve used that format. So, don’t worry, you’re probably not missing anything.

      It makes me happy that you’re enjoying my blog.

  2. I am enjoying it! I may not always post a comment, but I do try to read all of your new posts! Keep using your creativity and talents for Yahweh!

  3. Love. I can relate to this poem myself. The next to last very summarized it for me, and the last is a resting place. I’m almost 73 and still that child in me needs my Abba. We never outgrow to need to trust as a child and feel the security of His safe arms and presence.

    Love to you, dear Faith.
    Aunt Mary

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