Things I Have Learned from My Cats

I have a cat and a kitten. I wish to tell you what I have learned from them, for I have learned a great deal. But before I tell you what I have learned, let me tell you about them.

My cat is named Georgia Cherokee Williams. She is six months old. She is a calico, with bits of orange, brown, gray, and black. She has an extra long tail that I just love. She is the cutest thing; I mean cutest. She is feisty, but can be sweet at times. One of her favorite things to do, besides adventure in the woods, is to sit on my lap and knead my legs with her paws. She does this to my siblings, too.

My kitten is named Texas Cheyenne Williams. We think she is four months old, but we’re not sure. She is all black. She is so sweet, sweeter than Georgia, but at times she likes to run and play. She loves to crouch down in the grass and stare at us with her big yellow eyes, then, when we come to her, she darts into the woods!

Now that I have told you about my darling  kitties, I shall tell you what I have learned from them.

1. Cats have to get used to each other.
When Georgia and Texas first met each other, they arched their backs and hissed at each other. For the next few days Georgia was so angry at us for bringing Texas into her territory that she would not let us hold her. She and Texas  fought together all the time. Mom said that they were seeing who would be in charge. I knew the answer. Georgia calls the shots in this cat territory! After a few days, they stopped being enemies and became friends. They still fight a lot, but it is just for fun. They are often seen cuddling together. They are best buddies. They are both cute, so together they are double cute! Georgia acts as both sissy and as mommy to Texas; Texas learns from Georgia and loves her so much. I am so glad they have each other.

2. Cats go the people who pet them.
Some say that cats stick by the people who feed them. This is only part true. At meal times, cats will go to the one that feeds them, but during the day, cats stay by the one who pets them, whether it be the one who feeds them or not. My siblings and I are homeschooled, and many a time neighbors’ cats have found out that we are here all the time, so they come for us to pet them. One neighbor’s cat was at our house more than she was at her owner’s! I loved that kitty as if she was my own. She was so very sweet and docile. (I could honestly give her bear hugs, and she would not complain!) Another example of cats going to the one who pets them is a story about Georgia, before we got Texas. When we went on vacation this year, we asked one of our neighbors to feed Georgia for us. We asked another neighbor to pet her, because she is used to getting lots of pets from us. When we came home, we could not find Georgia anywhere on our property. Guess where she was. At the house of the neighbors who pet her! She wanted to be pet! Cats truly do love to be pet and cuddled.

3. Cats are quirky.
Yes, indeed, cats are very quirky. Cats have their own things or places that they like. For example, my cat Georgia used to like to sit on a piece of wood under our porch stairs. Whenever we wanted her, we knew where to look. Texas took to sitting in a concrete rain gutter right by the steps where Georgia sat. They were almost always there, in their places. This same thing is true for many cats, especially old ones. They have their own places where they like to hang out. This is another thing that makes cats fun and special.

4. Cats like those that don’t like them.
This is funny, and maybe silly, but true. Here is an example. My daddy is not a big fan of cats, but cats still like my dad. They will walk right up to him and purr. The reverse is very true as well. I am a huge fan of kitties, but often kitties run away from me! Cats are very interesting.

5. Cast Your Burden On Yehovah.
Now it’s time for more spiritual stuff. Here’s a story of how I learned to cast my cares on Yehovah, and He sustained me, like it says in Psalm 55:22. Back in early May, I suddenly had an intense want to have a cat. I mean, I’d always wanted a cat of my own, (we hadn’t had a family cat since I was seven), but neighbors’ cats had come to visit, like I’ve said, and I’d been fine. Well, in May, neighbors’ cats stopped visiting. (Neighbors’ cats had stopped coming before. Once there were no cats on my street for a year or two, but this time was different). I wanted a cat more than I’d ever wanted any toy or gift. As I said before, my dad is not a big fan of cats. I asked him earnestly for a kitty, and he said, “I will pray about it.” I went to my room and asked God for a cat, trusting Him with the answer. I cast my care on Him. Little did I know, Yehovah was already acting on my behalf. Without my knowing it, a homeschool girl told my sister Amy Grace about some kittens that could be adopted. Mom and Dad both decided they wanted one, and one day at lunch they told us we were getting a kitten. I was beside myself with joy! God had not only given me a cat, He’d given me a kitten–even better! I was so happy and thankful. I could not wait for my kitten to come! One day we went to meet the kitties. As soon as I saw the calico kitten, I knew she was the one I wanted. I knew that God had made her for us. On June 12, 2017, Georgia Cherokee came to us. She has been a tremendous blessing ever since, and proof that if you cast your cares on Yehovah, He will sustain you.

6. God gives boundless blessings.
One early September day Georgia was out in the woods. I knew that she would be back later, and that she probably would not answer my calls, but I missed her, so I went out looking for her. I called, “Georgia!”
A neighbor heard me and said, “Are you missing a cat?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“She’s right here!” my neighbor called. I went to see, but the kitten was not Georgia, it was a darling black kitten. I’m telling you, it was love at first sight! My neighbor had found the kitten in the woods. She was so sweet, and with Dad’s permission, we fed her. I asked Dad what we would do with the kitten, not thinking he would let me keep her, and he said, “We will wait and see how Georgia takes to her.” I’ve already told you what happened when they met. Anyway, that Saturday, Dad said we could keep the kitten. Texas Cheyenne became our second little blessing, a true testament to the fact that God will sometimes give you even more blessings than you could even think of having! I never ever thought that God would give me two kitties. It is still so incomprehensible. God can give you more blessings than you could ever dream of. He is a good Father and he gives good gifts to His children.


All in all, I have learned a lot from my kitties. Whether you like cats or not,  I hope you have learned a lot from my experiences. I also hope that if you have a pet, you will learn as much from them as I have from mine. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!



Faith Williams
I am a nineteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!


  1. Hi Faith,
    I liked the stories about your cats. Have you ever read the book, Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, by Vicki Myron?
    It is a great story about a cat in the library. I think you would like it.

    1. Dear Mandalynn,(or is this Miranda?!?),
      I have not read that book. It sounds interesting. I will look it up. I probably will like it. I hope you enjoy my blog!
      Love in Christ,

  2. I LOVE this story, Faith! Thanks for sharing!

    I learned something new in reading your article…that cats/kittens go to people who pet them often, even if they are not the people who feed them daily.

    I had a cat and a dog when I was a teenager. My husband is terribly allergic to cats, so I will never have another one.

    1. I am glad you learned something new from my article. I am glad you loved my story. Too bad Mr. Dan is allergic to cats.):
      Love, Faith

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