The Trip

Life’s story is like a trip unknown
But during it we are not alone

Sometimes He will lead us on the highway
On the traveled, easy ways
And sometimes He leads us on bumpy roads
But He always with us stays

Whenever we need fuel
He will always give us gas
And when on the hard road
He will always help us pass

When to Him we disobey
And we go off the path
He will give us kind correction
And mercifully lead us back

Yehovah will always lead us
From day one and forevermore
Until the trip is over
And we open heaven’s door


Faith Williams
I am a nineteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!


    1. Thanks, Amie! I am glad to be in the staff of the CRW, have my blog in it, and my stories! I love the CRW so much and I am looking forward to it! I hope you like my blog as I like yours!

  1. Beautiful, Faith! There is a peace that comes with walking through life with Yahweh guiding and ordering our steps! It’s a peace that the world does not know or understand. Keep writing and expressing yourself! 🙂

    1. Indeed, the peace we experience the world does not understand, for it is “peace that passes all understanding”(Philippians 4:7)

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