A Boston Adventure, Chapter 11 “New Life”

Life went on at the Peters home, but it did not seem right without Amelia. Rebecca was sad she was gone, but she was happy for Amelia. It was bittersweet for all of the family.

Spring came and everyone’s moods brightened. One day in early May, Rebecca arrived at the Bradley home. Instead of  being greeted by Mrs. Bradley, Bethany opened the door. “Mama had the baby!” she exclaimed. “His name is John David!” Rebecca hurried to the bedroom where Mrs. Bradley was holding a newborn baby.

“You had the baby!” Rebecca called happily. “When was he born?”

“Early this morning,” Mrs. Bradley replied. I started having pains shortly after you left yesterday.

“Oh, he is so cute!” Rebecca said as she gazed fondly at the beautiful boy. Then she went to talk to the other children and get to work. It was a happy day.

When Rebecca went home she called, “Mrs. Bradley had her baby! He is a boy named John David.”

“Oh, send her my congratulations,” Mother said. Then they all sat down to eat. Rebecca was very hungry, so she ate quickly. She noticed that Rose hardly touched her food. Rebecca wondered if she was still sick.

After dinner they went to the parlor. Rebecca and Annie worked on a new quilt. Rebecca wasn’t paying too much attention to the chatter until suddenly she heard Rose say, “We are expecting a baby this summer.” Rebecca quickly dropped her sewing and ran over to Rose and Gabriel.

“Congratulations!” she called, hugging Rose and Gabriel.

“Thank you,” they said. Everyone was excited. This was quite the day, Rebecca thought. Miss Bradley had her baby and Rose is expecting. She was very happy.

The days passed pleasantly. Knowing about Rose’s baby, the men worked extra hard on the house. By June, Gabriel and Rose’s house was finished. The entire Peters family was very happy. They wouldn’t have to live with Rose anymore. Rose noticed their delight, even though they tried to hide it.

“Why are you all so happy that I am leaving?” Rose asked scoffingly one day as the girls were making dinner. “Usually when a relative moves away, people are sad.”

“We are happy you have your own house now,” Annie said. “I am sure you do not like living in a house that belongs to someone else.”

“That is right,” Rose said. “I do not.” Then Mother came in the room so everyone shut up.

The next day Gabriel and Rose moved to their new home. The Peters family missed Gabriel, but not Rose. The next weekend they all went to see the new house. They had not seen it since it had been completed.

“It is pretty!” Rebecca said as they came inside. There was a large oak table in the middle, and beautiful blue curtains at the windows. Rose’s second-hand cast-iron stove sat at the side with the wood box next to it. At the other end of the room there was a ladder to the attic. It was indeed very nice.

“I love it, Rose!” said Annie.

“Very beautiful, Rose,” said Mother.

“Thank you,” Rose said with a smile. For once she looked happy. I am not sure if I have ever seen her smile, Rebecca thought. They all had dinner and then went home. It was a fun night.

Now the Peters family was busy planting. And Rebecca had another little one to attend at the Bradley house. They were happy days, though they did miss Amelia. One day at dinner, Ruth turned to Mother and said, “Mother, when will we ever see Amelia and Walter?”

Mother smiled and said, “Some day, dear. Some day.” Rebecca hoped that day would be soon, but she knew it was a long way off.

—————————–Four years later———————————–

Rebecca sat in a rocker in the Bradley’s parlor wondering where the last few years had gone. They had been busy, joyful, and fun, but they had also held their share of trials.

The Bradley twins, Hope and Lydia, ran about the room joyfully. They were no longer toddlers. “Girls, behave! We have company!” Mrs. Bradley insisted.

“Oh, I do not mind, Mrs. Bradley,” Rebecca laughed. “I would not care if they ran up the walls!” She cherished the moment, her heart was filled with joy. Mother always told me that every moment is precious, Rebecca thought. Then Rebecca’s husband, James Olsen, entered the red-walled room carrying their little baby girl, Betsy Ann. She was only a few months old and her head was covered with short blonde hair. Rebecca’s heart melted every time Betsy smiled. James handed the baby to Rebecca.

“Thank you, James,” she replied. She looked down at the baby and smiled as she thought, God has been so good. With Him by my side, how could I need anything?

Faith Williams
I am a eighteen-year-old girl who loves to write, especially fiction. I write many stories and poems. I usually have a moral or lesson behind my writings, for I hope these stories and poems, which Yehovah (God) helped me to write, will glorify Him as I share them on this blog. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy your stay!


  1. I love this, Faith! And I especially like the jump to 4 years later–it was nice to get a peek into their life four years later! I love that, “God has been so good. With Him by my side, how could I need anything? I think I’m going to write that down and hang it on my bedroom wall!! (: (:

  2. Hi Faith! I always enjoy reading what you write, whether it is a short story, non-fiction, poem, etc….
    I did like how, before you ended the story, you skipped to 4 years later, to give your readers a glimpse into their lives now. 🙂

    1. Yes, I like the four years later idea too. It was my sister’s idea, and I did it. I am glad you like everything I write! 🙂

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