Chapter 9: The Arrival

Weeks passed and the Peters family was ready for Gabriel and Rose’s arrival. Rebecca came home one day and saw a wagon in the yard. It must be Gabriel and Rose! she thought, and ran to the house excited. When she opened the door she saw everyone crowding around them. “Gabriel! Rose!” she called running toward them.

“Rebecca!” Gabriel said giving her a big hug.

“My, Gabriel, you have changed a lot since I last saw you,” Rebecca said, looking at her brother’s brown beard and hair which were longer than they used to be.

“That is what everyone tells me,” he said. “It is so great to see you all again. You all have grown so much since I last saw you.” Then Rebecca turned to Rose, who was talking to Amelia.

“Hello, and who are you?” Rose asked. Rose had striking black hair and green eyes, not blonde hair and blue eyes, like Rebecca had imagined.

“I am Rebecca,” she answered.

“ I am Rose,” she said in a low voice. “Nice to meet you.”

“Have you seen the room we made for you?”

“I have been told about it, but no one has shown it to me,” Rose answered, her green eyes darting around the room.

“Let me show you,” Rebecca said. As she lead Rose away, Gabriel and everyone else followed.

“Here it is,” Rebecca said, opening the door to the room. The room was very nice, with red check curtains and a bed with a quilt that Rebecca and Annie had made. Mother had also put her nicest chest in there. It even had a pretty rag rug in the middle of the floor. Rebecca was proud of how it all looked.

“It is a very nice room,” Gabriel said, smiling. Rose looked all around at the room.

“Very nice,” she said finally. Then Mother and Amelia went to the kitchen to stir the soup and make the cornbread. Everyone else went to the parlor where Gabriel entertained them with stories. Then supper was ready. It was so yummy. Rose hardly said anything, but Gabriel kept on telling them stories. He told stories of his journeys, the mines, and his life. They also told him some of their stories, but they were boring compared to Gabriel’s. After supper the stories continued in the parlor. During a story Rose leaned to Rebecca and whispered, “I saw that you were running earlier. Do you not know that running is improper?” Rebecca was utterly shocked at Rose’s boldness. Why was Rose scolding her?

“I know that running is improper, but I was so excited to see you, I could not help it,” Rebecca quietly answered.

“Humph,” Rose said and looked away. Rebecca was worried. Was Rose always going to be like this, or was she just weary after much travel?

The next morning Rebecca and her sisters got up and got dressed. Then they went downstairs for breakfast. Rebecca hurried and got the milk and syrup. Everything was normal until Rose came out of her room grumpily and stared at Annie, who was closest to Rose’s door. “Why did you wake me up?” she demanded, her eyes flashing.

“I did not know that I woke you up. I thought you would be up by now. Sorry. It is almost time for breakfast, so you had better get ready,” Annie retorted.

“I can not believe she treated you like that. If she did that to me I would tell Mother,” Rebecca said, aghast.

“I am going to let Mother enjoy Rose for now,” Annie said. “She has not been mean to Mother.” They had a good breakfast. Rose was quiet. Rebecca happily skipped to work that day, and every day. She was happy to get away from Rose’s continual remarks.

One day as she was leaving, Father said, “Rebecca, you are so happy to leave here. May I ask why? Are you having a good time at work?”

“Yes, I am having a good time at work,” Rebecca said hesitantly.

“And?” Father questioned, looking at her kindly.

“Father, I don’t like Rose,” Rebecca admitted.

“Why not, dear?” Father asked.

“She says mean comments to us girls,” Rebecca said, “but she never says anything when Gabriel is around.”

“I am sorry to hear that,” Father said. “She will only be here till Gabriel can build a house. Hopefully she will stop doing that. Stay away from her, if not.”

“Thank you, Father,” Rebecca said as she left for work.

The next night they had a party celebrating Gabriel and Rose’s arrival. The Parkers, the Olsens, Josie’s family, and Jacob’s family all came. Rebecca had a lot of fun, even though she heard some more remarks from Rose.

“Oh, I do like that dress design, but I would add lace,” Rose said to Blanche. “Get out of my way,” Rose said to Ruth and Mary. “Please quiet down,” she said to Abigail, Patience, Sarah, and Rachel. Rebecca was very displeased. Some other people heard her comments as well, including Father. When the party was over, everyone went to their rooms. Before going to bed, Rebecca wrote in her journal.

Dear Journal,

I am very sad that I have found out that Rose is unlikable, or at least she is very hard to like. She says mean comments, but not when Gabriel is around. I must try to like her, but it is so hard.

God grant me patience and kindness for my sister Rose.

With that she closed her journal and went to sleep.

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